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West Somerset Railway (WSR)’s Chris Austin has announced he will meet the Minehead Rail Link campaign at their public meeting in Minehead.  Mr Austin will represent the WSR’s view and answer questions from the public.

The meeting, to be held at the Old Hospital at 7pm on 30 October, promises to be an interesting discussion. “We intend to work with the West Somerset Railway, not against them, to give the best of both worlds - the steam trains that Minehead is famous for, and the rail service that the town and its visitors need.” said Councillor Benet Allen, a key member of the Rail Link Group.

Previously, at public events - and in the letters section of local newspapers - there has been controversy over restarting a train service between Minehead and Taunton. Objectors have claimed that the Rail Link group haven’t made a fully costed plan.  But, says campaign leader Alex Mendoza, “No questions are off the table - but we don’t have all the answers yet.  We’re here to build a campaign - this is the start of the journey.  Like the old British Rail advert said - we’re getting there."

The image used to publicise Minehead Rail Link Group’s forthcoming public meeting.

Minehead Rail Link Group

Cllr Benet Allen
Secretary, Minehead Rail Link Group
07956 249 666
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