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Alex de Mendoza’s letter (February 8) commented that West Somerset Railway had missed an opportunity during the forthcoming closure of the A358.

The regular bus service cannot cope. Coaches would only increase conge zstion. Buses are frequently overcrowded or full, particularly on Butlin’s changeover days - to the detriment of both local, regular travellers and holidaymakers.

Why not let the train take the strain without overloading our roads even more?

The closure period of WSR could be used to certify a diesel engine to operate on the section of Network Rail line which already connects with Taunton mainline station.The carriages could be spruced up at the same time.

I am convinced enough people would support this in order to secure the finances and future of West Somerset Railway for generations to come.

This opportunity is unlikely to happen again and should not be missed.

Barry Bailie, Sea Lane, Carhampton.

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