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It is indeed a shame that during the proposed A358 road closure, in March, the WS Railway will also, unfortunately be closed.

This situation could have provided a great opportunity, to test the public appetite for a temporary reconnected railway service through to Taunton, to minimise the effects of said closure. 

It would seem sensible to have scheduled the A358 road closure to a time when the rail service could temporarily take on some of the transport needs of the West Somerset region affected, and perhaps, provide a viable alternative to get to Taunton and beyond.

This opportunity to "test the waters" for a community and tourism led service, in and out of West Somerset, during its time of "regional need" will be a loss to all parties involved, namely our local government transport authorities, as well as the operators of W S Railway itself.

Following endless features on the effects of air pollution on our health, and the vagracies of inclement climate change, why are our illustrious transport leaders and providers not getting around a common table to work out better ways to utilise the fantastic metal infrastructure we already have snaking across our region?

Perhaps this concept is just too sensible for now, but I feel certain our environmental future will assure this issue will become more and more pertinent to West Somerset, it's economy and it's tourism.

Just a thought.

Alex de Mendoza


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