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Avondale, Martlet Road, Minehead TA24 5QD
6 March 2019
Dear Mr Mayor,

The journey from Minehead to Taunton by rail could be under an hour. That’s much faster than the bus - and faster than the car, when roads grind to a halt at the busy periods. But it also makes it possible to reach the rest of the rail network – change at Taunton for Bristol, London, and the rest of the country. And, of course, it will bring tourists and visitors from everywhere on the national rail network, to see Minehead’s attractions, including its lovely old steam trains.

People we’ve talked to are united in feeling that the town’s heyday was in the 1970s. For forty years, the railway service to Taunton hasn’t been considered. It’s the elephant in the room - the primary reason for Minehead’s decline in that period.

A train service to Taunton will make the crucial difference for so many reasons. Hotels and hospitality would receive a welcome boost - several major events have bypassed Minehead when the organisers discovered the town had no proper rail service.

As awareness of the climate emergency increases, it’s vital we play our part in reducing our carbon footprint. It is environmentally suicidal and illogical to drive from far away parts of the country to Minehead and then to take a nostalgic trip on a steam train to Bishops Lydeard and back, when you could make the whole journey by rail - changing at Bishops Lydeard if you wanted a steam train ride.
Most of all, the boost to the local economy means we can’t ignore the Rail Link anymore.
Minehead needs trains to Taunton!

Yours faithfully,
Cllr Benet Allen

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