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Hi All,

I have for the umpteenth time tried to contact GWR to find out what’s happening with the shuttle.

I have emailed and left messages for Matthew Barnes and other senior managers and got nowhere. Feel free to ring Matthew Barnes on 07525 583457 (the Development Manager) yourself, but he rarely answers his phone or emails. I hope GWR don’t cock this project up!

Incidentally, when I was Publicity Manager for BR’s Liverpool Division many years ago, if we were introducing a new service or opening a new station, I always replied to messages immediately and made sure that maximum publicity was given months in advance including pocket timetables, network map alterations, press releases, posters and press advertising. If I had handled any such project in the way that GWR have handled this, I would have been relieved of my position and found myself sweeping the platforms at some minor station somewhere!

No wonder everyone including local councillors are baffled by the lack of information and absence of replied to correspondence.


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