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I spent a long weekend working with the WSR’s staff and other volunteers to deliver the 40th anniversary weekend event.

Then on Monday morning, I sat down to read the Free Press I had bought on Saturday morning but not had time to read, and how typical to read a moany diatribe from Alex de Mendoza of Minehead Rail Link Group decrying the fact that his group have not been given the details of the Taunton-Bishops Lydeard shuttles which, I understand, have not been finalised yet.

The MRLG has been repeatedly told that working with the national rail network is complex and can be challenging.

I am not directly involved in the WSR shuttle train arrangements but have been consulted on some technical details, and I am sure that they will be announced as soon as they can be, and no end of angry shouting and emailing from MRLG will not help.

I would be so much more impressed to hear of MRLG’s plans, in co-operation with WSR management, when the details have been worked out, to promote use of the shuttles for Minehead folk to reach Taunton, or more usefully for folk from away to reach West Somerset. 

How about, for example, MRLG financing an agreed leaflet with the WSR and then leafleting a suitable area of the Bristol or Cardiff suburbs within range of a suburban railway station? 

Practical steps like that, with measurable results, would build credibility for MRLG and begin to remove its “petulant teenager” image for many, including myself.

Mr Mendoza, and supporters, the ball is in your court.

Robin Moira White, Stogumber.

Article available from WSFP

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